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Student Training Opportunities

University student observation, field experience, and service learning

We would like to tell you a little bit about the CHIME Charter Schools, as well as give you some guidelines for your fieldwork/observation experience here.
CHIME has two charter schools, an elementary school and a middle school, dedicated to bringing inclusive education to all children. We serve a diverse population of young people from a variety of communities, and every classroom has a mixture of students of different ability levels and talents.
CHIME is affiliated with the Michael D. Eisner College of Education at California State University Northridge, and serves as a teaching school for students in that college, as well as other colleges within CSUN. As such, students from an assortment of programs come to CHIME to do student teaching, observations and to participate in fieldwork and service learning. You may notice that there are a number of adults in some of the classrooms. Many of these adults are CSUN students such as yourself who are part of the teaching programs in which CHIME participates, and they are all working collaboratively to best serve the needs of CHIME's students, under the leadership of classroom teachers. Adults with red aprons or red shirts are paid assistants in the classroom.
Here are our expectations for university students at CHIME:
  • To all times respect (and not interrupt) the instruction in the classroom. If you have a question for a teacher, ask for a convenient time to talk.
  • To dress professionally
  • To treat all stakeholders at CHIME with respect
  • To be sensitive to the individual needs of each of our students
  • To avoid speaking about students in front of them.
  • To follow the guidance of teachers, and be attentive to his or her behavioral expectations for their class
  • To arrive on time and stay for your entire scheduled period
  • To be a positive, productive addition to the CHIME community!
Please select from the following two options:
Observation only - I need to observe one or more students, but do not need to interact with them.

Fieldwork - I will be interacting and working directly with students.